How we work

Our teams are a strong combination of professionals with marketing, merchandising, technical production planning and quality assurance skills. At a given time, none of our teams handle more than one client at a time, so as to provide each of our clients with personal attention.

 With our Real Time Monitoring advantage, we provide real time product development and other miniscule details to our clients, all of our Service Executives are equipped with Ipads, so that they may be able to show the client the development of their product and other areas of production such as packaging, quality checks etc., in real time through video chats or other means as per the clients wishes

Super Efficient

Deeply Commited

Highly Skilled

How we work

At V India Sourcing we offer a bouquet of services, which are tailor-made to suit our clients’ needs, a few of the basic services provided are:


Vendor selection based on the following criteria

  1. Production Range
  2. Capacity
  3. Product Quality
  4. Investment Capability
  5. Timely Delivery
  • Frequent factory audits so that suppliers meet the requirement in terms of facility, sanitation, production capacity, social accountability, quality systems, and code of conduct
  • Drawing from the knowledge gleaned from International and National fairs, seasonal market information is shared with buyers.


  • Ensure Timely delivery
  • Ensure product meets standard viz performance, construction, packaging and testing
  • Risk Analysis so that product is of actual utility with no hazards
  • Monitoring Testing to national and international standards by help of technical testing Laboratory
  • Damage surveying
  • Random and routine inspections by trained staff as well as management

In process QA/ QC

  1. Pre-production 
    sample analysis for appearance, quality, and performance, and then we plan 3 lines of inspection
  2. Inline Inspection 
    • At this stage we ensure raw material procured by the factory meets the requirement of production.
    • We also ensure that the vendor starts production as per time line
  3. Midline (i.e. during production) Inspection

    Meticulous inspection at midline stage to ensure that there is no deviation/discrepancy from the approved product specification. Rectification, if required, is suggested to the vendor at this stage to meet the norms as well as buyer requirements. 

  4. Final Inspection
    At this stage 100% goods are ready are packed all carton markings are ready. It is final random inspection. At this juncture, we monitor that product is now ready and meets all specifications viz Quality/workmanship
    • Colour
    • Size
    • Packaging
    • Labelling
    • Performance
    • Aesthetics

We ensure timely delivery

• Ensuring timely delivery.
• We regularly update the importer with photo-offers

We get the consolidation organised

We get the consolidation organized i.e. if the importer likes 10 different products from 5 different supplies then we organize so that one freight forwarder has timely delivery from all the suppliers and thus importers save on the freight.

Shipping and Documentation

All documentation and shipping is controlled by our office, we ensure all documentation is done as per requirement of buyer and all formalities are adhered by suppliers Goods can be shipped FOB, C&F, CIF or DP according to instruction from the buyer.